Have time to blog but nothing to say

As my loyal readers know this blog is SECRET. Not from my readers, of course, as this is a public posting, but from almost everyone who actually knows me. As a consequence of my keeping this blog secret often I cannot make posts. The computer I’m using is in a public place and others around me can easily see it so I have to sneak off to some private place to make these posts. This week, however, I am alone and thus free to do as I wish. That’s fun, at least for a short time until I get lonely and of course the perfect opportunity to write lots of posts.

But as I stare at the empty screen I find myself almost speechless. Many of my posts are some sort of rant about the times we live in and the stupidity of much of my world, esp. the religinuts and rightwingnuts and nutrition scolds and such. But frankly they’re overwhelming me. Facing the likelihood of a Repug takeover of the Senate and thus endless votes to repeal ObamaCare and yet more attempts to sneak creationism and prayer into schools and simultaneously deny global climate change it’s just too damned depressing. The prospect of an even higher level of stupidity is almost too much to bear and ranting about it doesn’t make it any better.

So without the motivation to rant what is there left to say. At the moment I’m not making bread and in my week off I’ve decided to ignore my weight (and it is soaring with my discipline gone) and while I continue my virtual rides and hikes I haven’t hit any interesting milestones. So that pretty much exhausts my topics for blogging.

I started this blog so I could just talk about whatever I felt like talking about without having to worry about whether I was boring or irritating any listener. Also I thought it would be interesting to use the blog almost like a journal so that years from now, assuming WordPress.com continues to exist and doesn’t get bought out by Facebook, I could look back at these times. Actually in a cleaning process my SO insisted on doing recently an old hand-written journal of mine was discovered and it’s pretty much gibberish to read so only a little bit interesting to think of the much younger me. So probably this blog will be equally uninteresting in 10 more years. But I do regret, in the past, not doing a better job of writing things down as my memory is fallible and so there are memories that are now lost to me, for whatever that really means. So despite being out of things to write, at this moment, I think I should try to at least make some sort of posts as I’m sure there will be new outrages to rant about as well as, hopefully, some interesting and positive things to note.

We’ll see if a couple of days of almost complete isolation trigger any new ideas for posts but at the moment my normal source of “inspiration”, i.e. news, is devoid of anything that tickles my fancy. In my solitary boredom maybe I’ll comb through some of the URLs I’ve bookmarked and find something.

I like these periods of being alone as it is a chance to get outside the normal day-to-day activities, especially being involved with others (my cat only sorta counts, she’s complaining loudly I get up too late in the morning and she’s missing her breakfast). My camping trips used to serve to create that solitude but, as some of my posts have explained, for some reason now camping has become socializing with strangers and so missing that isolation I used to have. I think it’s good for us (at least for me) to have these solitary times as there is little to distract and so being introspective (selfishly) is about the only option.

So stick with me, Dr. Reader, as maybe I can find something to say.


About dmill96

old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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