Kindle PaperWhite is rugged

I already posted a review at Amazon but I just wanted to make a short entry here.

A few days ago I stopped at an Interstate rest stop and was reading my Kindle. In preparing to leave I had to rearrange stuff in the car and put the Kindle on top of the car. Now you can probably guess what comes next.

I was, btw, in a rather distracted state so I drove out of the rest stop and while I was accelerating hard to enter the traffic lanes I heard a large clunk. It took me a few seconds to realize what it was and I quickly braked and pulled off the road. I donned my headlamp and proceeded to look for what came off the car, almost certain it was the Kindle. Now it’s probably illegal to be walking on an Interstate on-ramp but I wasn’t thinking of that.

It took me multiple trips, all the way back to the rest stop, before getting discouraged thinking the Kindle was in the weeds and in the dark I’d never find it. Then, there it was, actually in the road (a black Kindle on a black road is a little hard to spot).

Much to my amazement it would turn on. I quickly ran back to car to get moving before something bad happened and then realized I hadn’t actually tried to use it. Violating more good driving practice I turned it on and swiped a few pages and went back to home page. Yes, it was (and still is) completely functional.

Later, in more light I could see a few dings and a bit of abrasion on the corners, but that was it, the front touch panel didn’t break, the case was intact and not cracked anywhere or bulging, its few buttons were fine.

Amazing! Tell me your iPad could have survived that. About half the iPads I’ve seen have cracked touch panels, even though they still work. Any laptop would have been destroyed (as I actually did to mine, just dropping it from a few feet, not flying off a car at 60MPH).

So thanks, Amazon, for building such a rugged device. And for its long battery lifetime (only had to charge it once on a three week trip). And for its functionality.




About dmill96

old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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