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Blope is gone!

As my final football post for the year I’m surprised to be commenting on Bo Pelini getting fired. It’s been the main topic of conversation in Nebraska in 2014, but I thought the Bolievers would win the day (once again … Continue reading

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Time to get back on the wagon – 4

Well it’s been about a month since my last boring post on weight so I guess it’s about time for an update. It’s been tough staying on track since every Saturday since a month ago I’ve been doing something where … Continue reading

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Blope: Rage is not passion!

If Florida State’s coach is willing to go by the silly name of Jimbo then Nebraska’s Bo Pelini deserves my new nickname for him. Lots of people call him Blo, alternatively for being a BLOwhard but also because he BLOws … Continue reading

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McDonalds: Don’t Use GMO Potato

The nutrition scolds already hate McDonalds and will say anything nasty about it they can. McDonalds has aggressively moved toward calorie labeling, but: a) it’s not enough, and, b) somehow it’s even bad they did this because, well, er, lots … Continue reading

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Fat chance on this idea; GMO probiotics!

Pardon the pun (or cliche) since this post is about fat. From the news I selected an article about the possible connection of gut bacteria and obesity. The popular press version (IOW, dumbed down from real study) actually reports multiple … Continue reading

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Good-night America, Welcome to Kochistan

Well, you did it – you put the billionaires and the religinuts in charge, two more years of gridlock with stupid weekly repeals of Obamacare and unending impeachment hearings. But, be aware, the old adage of be careful what you … Continue reading

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Can’t watch the election results

It’s just too awful to think about. Two years on non-stop repeals of Obamacare (and vetoes) and government shutdowns and impeachment. Nothing done to address the real problems. What an irony that Mitchell claims Repug control will eliminate gridlock – … Continue reading

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