Blope: Rage is not passion!

If Florida State’s coach is willing to go by the silly name of Jimbo then Nebraska’s Bo Pelini deserves my new nickname for him. Lots of people call him Blo, alternatively for being a BLOwhard but also because he BLOws his top so much.

Did any of you notice the sideline attention Blo got for yelling and going ballistic at Corey Cooper (who had the most tackles of the day). Sure a coach needs to call out a player who misses a critical tackle, but to rage at him, to go apoplectic. And even that wasn’t enough, Blo followed him around and kept after him. And then Blo later says:

“When it flipped, it flipped,” Pelini said. “Somewhere along the way, it was like our guys totally lost their confidence.”

Yep, Blo it flipped right after you threw your fit at Corey, just think (don’t wait until watching the film), maybe YOU caused this! Then he says:

“You know what? I don’t get into all these big-picture talks,” he said. “That’s one football game. This program has won a lot of football games.”

Well, Blo that was just one tackle for Corey, he made lots of others – seems like the same answer. So maybe Shawn Eichorst should learn a little “passion” and rage at Blo like he likes to do with his players.

Just for a moment let’s think about that play. Corey is chasing down Gordon and he’s got one shot – how does he go for him? In that split second where a kid has to think about everything he’s learned and been taught, he decides to go low. Who knows, maybe his coach told him to do that (i.e. watching the film they thought it’s really hard to arm tackle an elusive back like Gordon and knocking his feet out is the way to play him). Who knows, maybe even Blo told him to do this. But Blo has to explode – one play, one tackle, and after that the defense falls apart. Blo, the defensive genius, with all his “passion” BLOws up his own team with his unrestrained anger, anger that maybe he won’t wheedle a big raise out of Eichorst this year.

Steve Sipple calls it – Blo’s supposed “passion” and defensive genius is wearing a little thin after multiple BLOwouts, esp. by Wisconsin. The worst run defense ever (give Gordon his due for his positive record, but let’s not forget the negative record Blo just set). Tom Shatel, who probably has earned the grudge he seems to carry, after Blo’s abuse of the press, nails it:

Pelini was hired because he could teach defense. He would pump passion and confidence back into the Blackshirts. He was full of swagger and bravado and tough talk.

That’s right, all talk – no walk. Blo loses worse than Callahan ever could have, yet the Bolievers still think lack of anger management and rage is “passion” and Blo certainly demostrates that. But is abusing his players the way to maximize their performance?

Contrast Blo’s explosion with Wisconsin’s coach after Gordon fumbled:

“Coach Simon stayed with me, like he has been all year. And he just told me: ‘Keep your mind into it. You worked so hard, nobody can take this moment from you. Stay in the game. There are a lot of guys looking up to you to make some plays.'”

So Gordon, after a poor start, goes on to set a huge record – let’s see which coach knows how to motivate players? Simon puts energy in his players, Blo eats the energy out of his players.

No, rage is not passion.

No, watching the tape on Tuesday is not making real-time gameday adjustments (Blo is too slow to react, he still said he didn’t know what happened immediately after the game – is that a thinking coach? Or just a madman blinded by his rage.

So, Shawn, you’re the only one Blo intimidates – grow some brass ones and do you job – fire the BLOwhard. Not just for his rage and temper, but because he’s too slow to think on his feet and the only thing in his head is too much anger and not enough intelligence. Fire him because he’s killing this team, who deserves better, with his abuse and his stupid offense (can’t even blame his running QB who can’t throw because it was the defense that fell apart yesterday, even beyond how poorly the offense did (or would do in any game against a quality opponent).

This one really is on you Blo, and as Steve says:

The latest embarrassment is frankly inexplicable for a program with Nebraska’s wide array of resources and energy poured into the program. The coaching staff is stabilized. There are no good excuses.

and as Tom says:

For Nebraska, the snow fell like teardrops.

 This is sad now.

There are no more words. There are no more excuses. There’s only a Nebraska football program that can’t stop spinning its wheels, keeps driving itself into the same ditch.

Bo Pelini was supposed to be the tow truck. But seven years later, NU is still stuck, maybe more than ever. And it’s obvious Pelini doesn’t know how to get it out.

So Shawn, instead of another raise this year, it’s time for a new coach. Even if you’re just a lawyer and terrified to have to hire a coach, pay attention to what happened to Steve Pederson!



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