Blope is gone!

As my final football post for the year I’m surprised to be commenting on Bo Pelini getting fired. It’s been the main topic of conversation in Nebraska in 2014, but I thought the Bolievers would win the day (once again firing a “winning” coach to pursue a championship coach instead).

Earlier this morning I was thinking about a post about how Blope would NOT get fired – shows how good my crystal ball is. Before getting to that post I hear the news, Blope is out. Sure the Omaha World-Herald was out for him, but I’m surprising Eichorst had the guts to do it. Now Nebraska will get to have a few years of rebuilding.

My prediction was, now obsolete, that he’d get fired mid-season next year. With Kennie and Ameer gone Nebraska will have no offense next year (despite the heroic effort Armstrong made Friday, my compliments, after being very critical of him). So they’ll lose next year and probably the next until they can get some new recruits.

So fearless of making wrong predictions I’ll predict they do hire Scott Frost as the coach since he’s the sentimental favorite. And, as others predict, Nebraska will go back to even more ground-and-pound football (will help in B1G, but not nationally). So the fans will get what they want (at least the non-Bolievers). But as they say, be careful what you wish for!

Now the main drama for the 2014 season is whether Ohio State gets in the final four, despite losing two QBs this season. And how the advertisers will try to influence the selection to maximize the demographics of the Championship game. Lots more to debate. The games may sometimes be boring but all the rest of college football continues to entertain.


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