Want a healthy economy? Tax the rich!

How many times do we have to experiment to learn this lesson (or conversely how many times do we have to do the opposite and see that fail). It’s a seduction argument (but amazingly sold to us ordinary folks) – let the rich have more money and they’ll hire you, take their money away and they’ll go sulk and kill our jobs. IOW, they’re holding us for ransom so we have to be so very very very nice to them and beg them to give us crumbs.

Well Clinton did a beautiful job of proving the standard case – he raised taxes, only on the rich, and had the best economy of the 20th century (take that supply siders and your nonsense). Dumbya did the opposite and created the worse recession (2008 crash, due to excess speculation by the rich with too much money and no place (real) to invest it).

You’d think that would be enough evidence, but the rich are wily (plus buy both politicians and opinion makers and faux news networks to pitch their big lie).

But we have more. Good old laptop Brownback of Kansas lowers taxes for the Kochs and raises them for everyone else and cuts budgets. Kansas should be supply-side paradise. What happens – huge deficits, drops in bond rating, and, wait for it, a terrible economy (where are all those job creators that were going to move to Kansas and give us normal folk our crumbs? Guess that didn’t happen).

So here’s the flip side – Minnesota. A billionaire himself Mark Dayton raised taxes on the rich, increased spending, pushed up minimum wage – and, wait for it – Minnesota’s economy soared, especially in jobs (and it sucked when Dayton took over from another stupid Repug, the forgettable Tim Pawlenty). And guess what, Minnesota has the 5th lowest unemployment rate (maybe those rich people paying more taxes therefore has less leisure spending money and so are actually working harder and building business and really being job creators instead of building mansions and yachts).

But what about this – Minnesota is ranked 5th fastest growing economy (have you ever been to Minnesota in the winter, why would anyone want to move there – oh yeah, another gift of the Kochs, global warming, Minnesota is the new Kansas). And this is really big – wait for it, Minnesota is ranked 9th-best state for business! Glorious Repug paradise of nearby Wisconsin is ranked #32 (proves how wrong Scott Walker is). And unlike broke Kansas Minnesota now has a huge budget surplus. And Kochistan (aka Kansas) comes out merely #25 on list (Forbes btw, not exactly a “liberal” propaganda rag) and, of course, has a huge budget deficit.

Some Repugs like to claim states should be free to do whatever they want (like return to slavery as the southern ones want) because they are the “laboratories of democracy”.

Well, two laboratories of democracy have spoken. Deep red Kochistan actually doing the Repub fantasies (they’d like to take this national, Dumbya more or less did in 2000) and purplish Minnesota but not with definitely blue governor (amazing not all billionaires are greedy thieves like the Kochs and Adelson-scum) and guess what, their result way way way outshine Kochistan. So which paradise would you rather live in – the failed experiment of Brownback and the Kochs (and then of Jindal and the rest of the south as well, the armpit of the country on almost any economic measure, but of course true believers in supply side nonsense (or even worse libertarian fantasy)).

Why do we have to keep doing this experiment, proving Repugs are wrong, over and over, and yet they succeed in still peddling their bullshit to an ignorant crowd of rednecks and religinuts.


About dmill96

old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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