Obama does Nixon-to-China; Natanyahu does Repug politics

If you think Bibi and President Obama are on different pages, you’re but there is a lot more below the surface than the apparent war of words. And this isn’t about nukes!

btw: Some sanity prevails about Bibi’s attempt to play U.S. politics, check out these two articles that go beyond the soundbite view on this; the New York Times shows some reason and even an Israeli paper, but they don’t quite see the even bigger picture I’ll reveal. And the worst the Iranian states news agency IRNA has to say is “boring and repetitive”, no death to Israel, no call for holy war, no anti-Semitic slurs – boy, what a scary place that is (maybe they understand U.S. politics better than Bibi does). And with too many to mention or cite there are tons of good comments on Bibi’s and the Repugs’ clumsy politicking, not to mention fact-checking that most of Bibi’s statements are false, which his own Mossad chief has already repudiated. Only Repug idiots in Congress that believe in creationism and snowball stunts were fooled by this speech.

Somebody at State (Hillary, maybe?) got very smart about changing the dynamics in the Middle East. It’s been stagnant impasse with Israeli constantly creating the conditions for expanding Islamic militancy. New terrorist are being born or recruited faster than the U.S. or Israel can kill them. Keep that up and something really bad does happen. Something had to change. Right now Israel is the bully in the region and the U.S., as their lapdog, provides the slogans and impetus for growing chaos. Look at it – what’s happened since Dumbya stupid destabilization in Iraq (which was supposed to bring a bastion of western democracy to the region, not a bad idea, wrong place) and Israel’s constant kneejerk attacks on Palestinians every time Bibi needs to crank up the rhetoric (and his political support) in Israel.

So someone saw the Nixon-to-China moment. Instead of usual harangues hurled at Iran, take a second look at them. The largest, most stable, most advanced nation over there. And not one that uses their oil money to support extremist Sunni Wahhabism that is fueling all the other messes. If there is going to be a cop in the region who is it going to be: a) the outsider and extremely Crusade oriented fundamentalist Christian U.S., b) broken states like Libya or Syria and their backers in the Gulf, or, c) a powerful nation that isn’t as stupidly oriented toward a return to the 7th century, a once proud empire, a modern country with a broader economy than oil, a country where women can drive and vote and aren’t purely property like the sheikhs’ camels. You got it – Iran, the one country with enough stability, economy, modernity, technology, and a different slice of religion.

It’s China, all over.

Now China didn’t exactly become our buddy when Nixon opened that door. They still said nasty things about us and were hardly the China of today. But what Nixon and Kissinger realized is that China had its own agenda and freeing it from the static us-and-them dynamic of simplistic (and classic Repug) anti-Communism broke the logjam. I doubt even those guys could have predicted today’s China, who again isn’t exactly our buddy and vigorously pursues its own self-interest, often in conflict with ours, but it’s not our enemy and we’re not lobbing bombs at them or getting theirs in return. And guess what – a whole bunch of stability exists in a region where a government with a lot to lose and a lot to win by much more modern policies. And a China exists that is so tied to the world they can hardly act that stupidly, even if they don’ always do what we want. So which is better, an independent, non-lackey, not-quite-ally, trading partner (and banker) who occasionally hurtles verbal bombs at us but does NOT GO TO WAR with us and an isolated and xenophobic nation where possibly WAR is their only answer.

I’ll take frenemy China any day over a hostile one and it’s a dream to think we can get any more.

So President Obama is taking that less conventional road that requires some vision. Engage Iran, get them hooked up with lots of trading partners and deals and debts and being part of the banking system and the Internet and everything else modernity tangled China up with. An Iran like that doesn’t make WAR on us. And an Iran like that doesn’t particularly like ISIS and Al Qaeda and the other peddlers of chaos and atavism.

Now that’s good for the U.S. and as a foreign policy based in reality rather than insane biblical ideology it’s one we can accomplish.

But that leaves bully Israel out it the cold. Let’s not forget they have nukes and a stable military force. So they get to look down their noses at all the “backward” countries in the region. But can Israel accomplish any peace and stability there, even if they didn’t have their bomb-everyone mentality? Sure, let some of the IDF show up in the frontlines against ISIS and see what happens, but when Iran sneaks some of its Muslim Quds force in to kill terrorists, partly to halt the spread of Saudi’s Wahhabi nonsense, who’s even aware, much less screaming. Israel can’t be the cop of the Middle East and we can’t be the cop of the Middle East – but Iran can. And Iran just might, for its own self-interest, not to do our bidding. That’s what Nixon saw in China, not a partner to the USSR but a rival.

And once relations are normalized with Iran and their oil gets developed, stupid Iraq doesn’t have the appeal Cheney once wanted with their oil and maybe Saudi Arabia doesn’t call the shots in OPEC any more. Who knows how the oil power balance and the money power balance shifts. Rather than build nukes Saudi Arabia might have to modernize itself, who knows even let its women drive.

That is the existential threat to Israel, not nukes, but a shift in the power balance and a shift in the dynamic. Iran exists the bronze age biblical mentality so Israel can hardly stay locked in it too.

And that’s what Bibi is trying to do. Being an MIT guy he’s about 100x smarter than the idiot fundamentalist xtian Congress who dreams of restored Greater Israel so we can have the second coming and then Ann Coulter can “perfect” all the Jews. Come on AIPAD, do you really believe a southern and fundamentalist xtian Repug party that can easily embrace white supremacists is your friend? Well, Bibi, you may be smart and think you can pull the wool over the Repug eyes who want nothing but a sharp stick-in-the-eye to Obama, but you need to learn something about religious extremism (other than ultra-orthodox Judaism). Listen to Ann Coulter, listen to the right here – are they your friends. After they get done using the N-word against Obama, what do you think they say about Jewish people, in the U.S. or Israel. You are the enemy of Christ, do you think suddenly strident preachers here will stop saying Christ-Killers any more than Palestinians will stop calling you names (or blowing you up as many of the leftover KKK (Tea Party) would do).

Bibi thinks he can manipulate the split here between our crazies and our sane party and stop normalization with Iran (again, nukes are a smokescreen, nothing to do with it, Iran as a China is a bigger threat than a few uranium bombs). But Bibi, you should try to understand how crazy the religinuts are here – given them half a chance and they’ll show ISIS how it’s done. They are not Israel’s friends. They are not the U.S.’s friends, at least most of us who don’t want to live under Wahhabist style xtian fundamentalism here.

No, Bibi you’re not a clever as you think you are. You were in the U.S. at a time when Repugs were still sane. Look at the most extreme Islamic voices in your part of the world and then see the U.S., at least the Repug part of it, in those extremist terms and you’ll understand the politics of today. And they are not your friends, no matter how many ovations you get.



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