Repeat of Face on Mars hysteria again?




Normally I use my other blog for talking about less common words, but in the post I can explore the term pareidolia  (in short, seeing faces in rocks) which is a more specific instant of the term apophenia  (in short, seeing connections that don’t exist). With that little pedantic preference what on Earth do I mean?

Well, it’s on Ceres, naturally.

I saw this morning that Dawn did successful enter orbit around Ceres this morning (hurrah!) and now it begins its 16 month mission. As you might know while approaching Ceres Dawn photographed two very bright white spots of unknown origin. Various reports indicate the position of Dawn relative to Ceres relative to the Sun might mean these spots are an anomaly (or at least partly so).

Now the Face in Mars crowd (still happily exists despite tons of counter-evidence) will undoubtedly design the spots were some beacon the Cerians were flashing to us and when closer inspections finds some more mundane cause of the spots (assuming that happens, maybe it is a beacon, I’ll wait for the evidence) then the charges of coverup are going to fly once again. LGM (aka ET) is out there and our evil government doesn’t want us to know about it.

All this would be amusing (sometimes the freaks have actual creative but nonsensical ideas) except for the fact that there is a huge (and unfortunately growing) portion of the U.S. population that easily believes such obvious rubbish. So much for the decline in science education and U.S.’s continued slide into a dark age of ignorance and superstition (otherwise known as religious fanaticism (otherwise known as fundamentalism)).

And you thought only ISIS would destroy ancient artifacts as a childish low self-esteem gesture (their god isn’t powerful enough to look upon some antiques, and then there is if they are apostasy why didn’t their magical sky man just hurl lightning bolts at the antiquities and destroy them long ago). Well, when it comes to Face on Mars I’m probably aiming the wrong direction (with comment above) because it appears more likely to be left-wingnuts rather than religinuts. But both groups are equally stupid about science and a fact-based reality, so who knows what they’ll imagine about Ceres.

Actually this is a much more convincing Face on Mars photo (too bad NASA didn’t have Photoshop at the time of the first picture, they could have really played a joke on us)


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