Amazing! Fox told the truth!

Well blow me over, how did Faux News manage to tell the truth for once. Now actually it’s their website where I found this article as I can’t imagine they’d have the nerve to say this to their braindead TV audience. So somehow this headline appeared:

America is not a “Christian” nation

Staggering, their website must have been hacked. Super religinut Bill O’Reilly has been taken to the hospital (a real one, not one he watched from thousands of miles away on film) after collapsing when he heard. Just kidding, of course, but if Fox can make up stuff why can’t I?

Now this requires some checking out – who is the author: Peter Manseau? Well it appears he’s a writer with a book, equally blasphemous with this title One Nation Under Gods: A New American History. Now who’s the publisher, it must be some outfit Murdoch owns (Murdoch is really a rightwingnut, he’s just a whore for money who will sell to whoever is buying). Ah, Little Brown and Company. Well after being handed off to Time, Inc (awful lefties), then it became part of Time Warner (getting closer to Murdoch), but then it appears it’s now owned by Hachette Livre (Amazon’s friends, the folks who don’t like cheap ebooks, definitely sounds smelling).  Well dead end there. Well, Rupert did try a hostile takeover of TimeWarner, maybe he fell for something then. And, sheesh, Hachette has a Christian imprint, FaithWords, how did they let such heresy through. A-ha, I knew it was there somewhere, sure enough it appears Hachette and Rupert do have a deal, Premiere Magazine, plus some other joint media ventures. OK, so old Rupe gets some coin and lets this slip through.

Now I’m not going to to buy the book (oh what about a Kindle sample?, unlikely given Hachcette connection). Well, there is a sample, I’ll see if the title and excerpt for the article are just teasers and this is stealth evangelism.

Well here’s a tiny bio of the author:

Peter Manseau holds a doctorate in religion from Georgetown University and is currently a fellow at the Smithsonian

Georgetown certainly ain’t Liberty, so maybe Manseau isn’t a fifth-column religinut. And he has a website here.

Well, strange. The author looks legit and Rupert only has a bit of pecuniary interest, so somebody at Fox screwed up and let this through.

Of course, for a long time, objective, rational, and honest folks have recognized that the U.S. was not founded for the sake of a particular religion. Good ole Tom Jefferson had a lot of fun emending his bible with scissors and knife. It is just a lie that the rightwingnuts and religinuts are using to try to force a national religion on the rest of us. Some recent poll said 57% of Repugs would install Christianity as the national religion (oh right guys, which one, you gonna let the Catholics in on the party, or how ’bout them Mormons? You really think you can actually figure out what Christianity is and somehow then define that as a national religion. And what if some of us don’t want to sign up – the Inquisition and lots of burning at the stake (oh, can’t do that, might look too much like ISIS).

But actually, with nothing more to go on than the author’s point, as published by Fox, I’d say this is their patently fraudulent attempt to be “fair and balanced” in a way that doesn’t really distract from their pounding the drum for the flavor of the week Christianity (undoubtedly based on focus groups).

Whoa, just checking the article for other clues: this really is heresy as the article also admits we did violence to Native Americans, then other minorities. Never, USA Exceptionalism. We’re literally perfect and anyone who says otherwise is a defeatist!

Well, this was the bit I was looking for:

No matter how many Christians live here, we are not a Christian nation. For the sake of people of all faiths and of no faith, we should hope we never become one.

In the rare cases where the Christian right is feeling ecumenical (for publicity purposes only, of course) they will tolerate (just barely, they’re wrong and deluded and headed to hell) other religions, but rarely do they even concede there is any right to no religion (that’s a bigger threat than the stinkin’ muuuslems).

So Peter Manseau, you seem to be OK. How in the world did you get this past the Fox doublespeak censors?


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