How do they get away with it!

As the day where regulations will be imposed on coal power plants approaches the Energy Shortage Alarms are in full panics and declaring your electricity prices will skyrocket. Do they present even a shred of evidence for this – nope, nothing, nada, and as we’ll see the facts actually contradict this. But they figure they can panic you into thinking the sky is falling and you’ll be sitting in the dark in the cold because they don’t get to burn more coal. It’s not just that they’re wrong but they can just make this claim with nothing but their opinion (really their vested interest) and expect you’ll believe it. OTOH, if they can find the most obscure and tiny mistake in a single scientific papers, out of hundreds, well, there goes global warming, all a lie, all a hoax. IOW, they hold science side liable, as wrong, if there is anything less than 100% right 100% of the time, but of course they’re right on their side (coal is good, warming is good, if we even admits it’s happened) 0.01% of the time.

If they have any evidence of higher prices with alternatives, let them show it (they’re big on filing harassment lawsuit against scientists to publish their data (usually already available online), so let’s Kochs’ party organ, Americans for Prosperity (they should include in the title, Americans for Kochs’ Prosperity to be “honest”, if that ever mattered to them). But instead they say:

“The Obama administration’s so-called ‘clean power’ regulation seeks to shut down more of America’s power generation under the guise of protecting the climate,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., wrote in a March 3 op-ed in the Lexington Herald-Leader. “States report that the regulation’s mandates are not technologically achievable, cannot be implemented under rushed timelines and threaten both state economies and energy reliability for families.”

Yes, technically the quote is from Turtle McConnell, but after all, he is merely a paid spokesperson for the Kochs.

But let’s look at the truth, something that is irrelevant to the dirty coal side:

States that lagged in renewable energy generation saw their electricity prices rise faster than both the national average and states that were leaders in green power.

Notice that the states with the MOST alternative energy have had lower price increases than those with the most dirty energy, exactly the opposite than McConnell claims (he never was any good at math or that scienc-y stuff). Or let’s look at it a different way:

In states with the greatest share of renewable electricity generation, retail energy prices were initially higher than the national average, but soon became comparatively cheaper.

See the right line, the HIGHER PRICES, that’s Kentucky and Kansas (sheesh, along with Koch I guess that’s KKK, a coincidence, of course, but using typical rightwingnut conspiracy theory looks pretty convincing (of course also the Kochs wouldn’t actually be unhappy labeled as KKK anyway, so maybe it is intentional conflation). And, of course lower prices in Minnesota. In Kansas the Kochs are actually trying to stop “private enterprise” that dares to build windmills and just compare the number there to Iowa who thinks it’s cool farmers get nice income from windmills (full disclosure, my mother still owns a farm in Oklahoma and gets a nice royalty check (not huge, about the same as her Social Security) from a windmill located on property that no longer has farm income).

All this comes from an article in USNews, not exactly a leftie or greenie outfit but the study actually comes from DBL Investors (catch that, investors, i.e. people who want to make money and think they can do it in renewal energy, what a thought, burn them at the stake for that heresy). It’s probably fair, but a bit of cheap shot that USNews labels this report:

It’s worth noting DBL is a firm that specifically backs clean energy companies. Yet its report – which compared the 10 states with the greatest share of renewable electricity generation to the 10 with the least – did find a marked difference between the two groups.

but you didn’t see a comparable qualifier that Americans for Prosperity is the Kochs’ astroturf (fake grassroots) organization and that McConnell is their paid rep (received more dirty energy money in last election than any other candidate). Is that balance – a VC firm is made to look suspect because it dares to invest in windmills and solar cells, but the coal producers influence are noted, when they say:

Yet, just like that group’s claim that “there is great controversary [sic] as to whether global warming is actually happening,”

Did USNews point out the only controversary (love it AFP can’t even spell, much less do math or science) is the one the Kochs manufactured? That the only scientists are either: a) not actual scientists, TV weathermen don’t count as no science is required for whatever credential they hold, or, b) the scientists with no climatology background, like Willie Soon, also take secret Koch slush fund money without disclosing that, violating their instutition’s policy and, of course, publishing, without any disclosure of who paid for their studies. And “great”, oh yeah, if you count having shills like Inhofe throw snowballs it’s “great”.

Well, who ever expected accurate reporting since the press has been hoodwinked into the faux policy of neutrality (all except for rightwing outlets, like Fox, who merely lie about “fair and balanced” without even the window dressing of balance). So the coal guys (and their dirty money) lie and get away with it.

Hey, folks – got kids, want grandkids. You might think about them instead of the Kochs’ next billion.


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