Finished another segment of Wabash Trace

As I reported in my previous post events got in the way of doing another segment of the Wabash Trace last Sunday but during the week I got another chance so here’s my updated history of my walks on the Trace:


The yellow track (previously segments are shown in magenta) was the 12.5 mile (out-and-back) walk I did Wednesday. I started at Silver City Iowa (where I had a previous tiny track) and headed northwest to Mineola, walking slightly past my previous track starting at that trailhead to get some overlap. As I was feeling good, plus took a nice break in the little park in Silver City, then I proceeded on another segment southeast to get a longer walk (in fact my longest to date).

As a result I have now done more than 50% of the entire length of the Trace, 58.3 miles in total and 35.15 miles of the Trace (unduplicated). So now I’m in a position to close a couple more gaps that would get all the of Trace between Council Bluffs and Shenendoah but that will require at least two more walks. I like this walk and wish I had a way to do it end-to-end (probably would take me four days).

Even though I was tired and a little sore at the end of this hike I noticed I had fallen into the keep on keepin’ on mentality. I wasn’t out of gas and could have gone further but it wouldn’t have been that pleasant, but someday I need to at least push up to 15 miles in a single walk with an eventual goal of 18 miles which would put me in the range of being able to do a long walk somewhere.

Let’s see if I can upload some of my iPod pictures to include here:

wabash 004You can see it has certainly greened-up since I started posting some pictures (too bad the iPod is such a bad camera, it’s all I wanted to carry).

wabash 005

By the way, the marker you see in this image (393) is the old distance markers from the original railroad which you usually find every mile along the Trace (people seem to have claimed these markers somehow, not sure they’re really “original”).

wabash 003
And this is the shelter / rest area at the Mineola trailhead with a bit of the small town of Mineola in the background.

As it’s now beginning to be fairly warm (and thus humid) I’m not sure how much more of the Trace I’ll do until the fall and good walking weather.


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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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