Added coverage on Wabash; Left a tiny gap

Given it gets rather hot and humid on the Wabash Trail in summer I didn’t expect to do much more of it until fall. But it turns out there was a geodashing dashpoint just two miles away from a trailhead for segment of the trail I haven’t covered yet. So I and SO did a short hike (limited to her speed and endurance). It wasn’t the most planned hike so I neglected to record in my handheld GPS the furthest point I had previously reached and thus we turned around about 120m before connecting to previous hikes. So here’s what this looks like:


The blue segment is the 4.5 miles we did yesterday. Since the Trace goes through a tunnel under Iowa Highway 2, my tracklogs, both going and coming, were interrupted and I had to combine three logs (fortunately I can access MapSource on my old laptop, new Garmin software doesn’t have this feature) to have a 4.5m total segment. But you can see the small gap we left that would have only taken minutes more walking to fill.

Shenandoah is far enough that driving there for a quick hike is a bother. There are several gaps to fill. The small segment (magenta) crossing 184 is the town of Imogene. I started a previous hike (north to Malvern) north of Imogene so there is a gap to close. And there is a longer gap to fill (the trace is twisty, not straight, so longer than it looks) between Imogene and Shenandoah. So maybe my next hike (if I can get cool enough day) is to fill the gap north of Imogene, extend my tracklogs south of Imogene (part of the way to US59, still leaving a gap) and maybe go back to fill the tiny gap southeast of Shenandoah. If I pull that off I’ll only have two remaining gaps all the way from Council Bluffs to south of Shenandoah.

Already I’ve done 83 total miles on the Wabash with about 45 miles (approximately, don’t have any way to measure) out of the total 63 now covered (at least in one direction, sometimes both directions, sometimes with some overlap between different hikes).

But summer conditions are less ideal for hikes. When I started this hiking project it was still winter and everything was dead along the trail. Then my spring hikes had a lot of wildflowers, but now in pure summer there are few flowers so it’s a green version of the winter brown hikes.

Let’s look for a couple of pictures:


This is a small vineyard (yes there are grapes, even wineries, in Iowa) near the start of the hike (the southeasternmost point on the blue track on the map).


And the trace about the middle of the blue track on the map.

So it was a nice little hike, too bad I didn’t prepare better and thus close the small gap so I don’t have to return to do that (we turned around about 750m from the intersection of 200th street, so easy to get there again).

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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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