Let’s finish it: Sanders vs Trump

I’m tired of these fake elections where both candidates attempt to demonstrate they’re more centrist than they really are in order to fool the low-information (“undecided”) voters. The U.S. is now fully polarized between oligarchy and populism, so let’s just settle. Let’s take the two most extreme candidates and let them slug it out, winner-take-all.

I’m perfectly happy for the Repug to win because then a true oligarch like Trump will just grab what little money the 0.1% don’t already have – end Social Security and Medicare. Most Repug voters are old and simultaneously more elderly benefit most from social programs – their cognitive dissonance of wanting government handouts for themselves but not for anyone else is a ridiculous hypocrisy (full disclosure: I get Social Security and Medicare myself, having paid for it during my entire working life). Let’s end science and go back to quackery (that will get rid of lots of old folks, to use acupuncture and reiki instead of science-based medicine). Let’s end the EPA and dump whatever toxins business wants, anywhere, anytime, they will get rid of lots of folks. Let’s end minimum wage and overtime and OHSA altogether so all those confederate flag pickup drivers start losing jobs and body parts in the name of economic freedom. And then to hell will the Constitution, let’s let xtian law take over and get a good religious war going in this country as well as gobs of foreign crusades we can’t afford. Yep, that’s the Repug idea of paradise. And let’s do it or stop talking about it and the vast majority of Repug voters will get exactly what they wished for but it won’t matter because they’ll be dead soon.

But then the rightwingnuts would say if Bernie wins and brings in the leftwing paradise we’d be days from communism with health care for all, but all the docs will leave the U.S. so they can get better pay (I wonder where they think they’ll go) and all the hospitals will close down (that’s a good way to make their stockholders rich; these bluffs always amuse me). And business will be completely stifled with environmental regulations (well, that’s one way to cut greenhouse gas emissions). And the banks will be broke in an eyeblink when they no longer get the handouts from the Feds and yes they’ll play chicken with the American public, just as the German banks are doing to the Greeks, and guess what, the 0.1% will lose a lot more when the Dow shrinks back to 1,000 than the people who know how to leave on a cooperative and barter economy. Yep, leftwing paradise would begin to undermine the crass commercialism in the U.S. (I bet wine prices will plummet) and the 98% (the 1.9% mandarians who serve the rich get a bit more screwed) will have some setbacks (the bottom 50% will never notice) and the U.S. GDP will shrink as global capital goes running for a place to hide (have fun in China or Russia, Goldman Sachs).

Either scenario is moderately awful but one scenario is survivable. The rightwing paradise would be short-lived when finally all the low-information voters realize what voting Repug actually means instead of believing only darker-skinned people will get screwed (bye-bye 450ci pickup, have fun with your confederate flag on your bicycle). And then there will be a revolution. It’s happened so many times in history it’s ridiculous we don’t expect it. Louis XVI and Czar Nicholas demonstrate what happens when the rich finally take everything. Then the U.S., 10 years after this final showdown, goes either fascist dictatorship (the most likely) or communistic dictatorship (not very likely). The economy will have shrunk to 10% of current levels so we can’t afford more military spending than the rest of the world combined so quite a few less wars. The 0.1% who move to Dubai will have to ask – who’s going to protect you there? Of the 0.1% who stay here will have to ask do you have enough money for your private army and can you trust them? (They should note all these military coups in other 3rd world paradises). So then we waste 50 until whatever revolutionary government collapses and then if there is anything left and/or if we learn anything from history maybe we can start over and this time decide corporations aren’t people and we should actually have a democracy.

So NO to Jeb! and Hillary who will pretend to care about people instead of banks. NO to Repugs who claim to care about reform and Dems who claim populism for rednecks.  Let’s slug it out: end the banks, end religion, end tax breaks and accept the temporary consequences; or end all safety net (including mostly for Repug voters) and get a few billionaires even more billions (temporarily until the economy collapses). Let’s do the experiment and collect the data: which version of paradise is actually better.

About dmill96

old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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