Lindsey Graham had to check his talking points

Despite the reboot of this blog to a lighter side I’m not totally going to avoid a little political snark, especially when it’s more amusing than disgusting as most news is these days. I learned from this article that when asked about his vote for Hurricane Sandy relief, why he voted against it while naturally recommending aid for his home state. Apparently he either couldn’t remember how he voted (which is sad by itself) or he evaded the question by saying he couldn’t remember (more likely, not quick on his feet as thinker, which is generally characteristic of him – remember Lindsey Graham was the attack dog in the Clinton impeachment).

So he got back to his staff and got his talking points written up and then posted his response, starting with the usual:

I really didn’t quite understand his question,

Really, Lindsey, CNN asks you why you voted against aid for New Jersey and that’s such an ambiguous question you couldn’t think of answer!

Of course the focus-group tested and spin-doctored answer went on about how the Sandy appropriation was all pork (despite a fellow Republican, Chris Christie asking for it, of course Lindsey could have pointed out how Christie is a crook, but declined that spin). Then he goes off on denouncing Amtrak (a favorite Repug whipping boy) and of course that the Repugs had their alternative bill which the big government Congress didn’t adopt.

Spin, spin, spin – pure talking point nonsense. And purest hypocrisy!

And of course he ends with:

When I put together a package, if one is needed, it will be detailed for this event. It won’t have anything to do with other needs in South Carolina, and I will fight like a tiger to make sure somebody doesn’t use our tragedy for their advantage. You’ll see how it should be done.

More like a feisty and bad-tempered mouse after spewing so much outrage about non-events like Benghazi and bombing Iran, but I digress:

Oh, so I’m supposed to pay taxes to have money go exclusively to South Carolina with no other plausible benefit to the nation as a whole. I’m sure all those rich people with megahomes, in gated communities (that I’ve personally seen, although only from a distance as I was riffraff and locked out), along the South Carolina coast will be glad to hear they get all the money to rebuild even bigger mansions just in a flood zone for the next disaster – a new way of getting remodeling done to your mansion on someone else’s nickel.

Thanks, Lindsey, your second answer was worse than your first one. You should have quit while you were ahead (merely ignorant) instead of digging a deeper hole.


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