Alone on Thanksgiving but still thankful

As best I can recall this is my first Thanksgiving alone in 69 years. Rather than be blue about that I’ll do a little self-help and record some things that I do have to be thankful for.

In no particular order:

  1. I’m warm and dry. This is no small thing as: a) there’s a freezing rain outside and it would be seriously unpleasant not to have a place to live, and, b) I realize that many people are outside on a miserable day and some of them in miserable places. So I appreciate these good things.
  2. I’m soon going to have a weak imitation of the traditional big feast. I like cooking so making something for myself will be fun. And as another way to be thankful at least I have food as again I know many people will not have food today. I realize now, too late, this was probably the perfect time for me to go volunteer some place to help others so maybe this will remind me to do it next year or for one of the other holidays this year.
  3. I’m healthy and fairly fit. That’s certainly not something one can take for granted at this age. I know (personally and abstractly) people who do not have this good fortune so that’s a constant reminder of how lucky I am. On top of that, just being alive, no illnesses, only a few small aches and pains, I’m really glad I got motivated to lose weight (now going on three years) which I mostly did via exercise which then has the extra benefit that I’m probably the most fit I’ve been since my triathlon at 40. Again I know how lucky I am, both to be able to have fitness, and the determination to achieve it.
  4. I live in a great country and in a good (if boring) location. Despite the attempts of the rightwingnuts to ruin a lot of what is good about the U.S., it is still my good fortune to be here. I see all these hellholes all over the planet, where even the most basic safety and security are missing, where freedom is unknown. I feel really bad that other people have to live in such misery but then also feel glad I don’t.
  5. While none of them are with me, F2F, I am fortunate to have some outstanding friends, so I’m not really alone, esp. as they reach out to me. My 101YO mother gets lots of attention, both from friends and staff, but is miserable in her very diminished life in a nursing home (an excellent one, but still grim) and almost entirely deaf and blind and thus living far more alone than I am as I can still perceive the world and stay active. I hope I go quickly cuz, frankly, being that old is not a blessing.
  6. And I have a computer and Internet. This may seem silly but in the one other time I lived alone for a time (not over any holidays though) that was before these things, a couple of channels of TV and books was about all I had to pass time (bicycling during the day was good but nothing during long lonely evenings). I can access the world far more than I could have ever imagined and that stimulus allows me to find other ways to spend my time than just sitting around gloomy.

I’m sure I could think of a lot more because in fact I have so many things, sometimes that I don’t really appreciate. Being thankful for what we have instead of whining about what we don’t have is a lot more healthy way to live.

And so thanks Dear Reader for listening as that is something to also appreciate.


p.s. I must have forgotten how to cook as my “feast” was really mediocre (still stuffed myself). The dressing I made had way too much sage and using heel of dark bread was bad (plus no egg for binder). The simple green bean casserole (I (mostly) followed recipe) was pretty bad too, not sure why (used some leftover beans that were pretty tough). And the turkey from frozen dinner was mystery meat, just barely tasted like turkey. So pretty dismal all the way around. I guess my meal fits the rest of the day, dismal. So hard to be thankful for that except it was food.


About dmill96

old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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One Response to Alone on Thanksgiving but still thankful

  1. leggypeggy says:

    Yep, you have lots to be thankful for.

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