Repeal and replace is not so easy

The rigged media, still living in their elitist bubble, is having fun trying to report on the cracks that are appearing when the Repugs have to try to convert their campaign tweets into actual policy. This is just as delusional as believing Trump could never win.

The policy wonks, now that repeal is going to happen, are digging into the replace part. Oh it’s a mess, esp. when Trump’s policy is replace is going to be something fantastic, cheaper and better. Now, the rigged press, is overjoyed at the idea that reality is a lot tougher than soundbites. They grab onto Trump’s statement that he likes continuing the pre-existing conditions part of ObamaCare and how impossible it will be to retain that without just reinventing ObamaCare, possibly with a few minor Repug twists.

Get a grip, liberals and rigged media. You’re full of shit.

Your fundamental premise is that the Repugs won’t just toss 32 million people on the street and let them die (or flood ERs). Why exactly do you believe they care!

These are ruthless people, the same crowd who killed lots of American kids and even more Iraqis with a simplistic ego and greed-driven policy. They actually do govern by tweet. Simplistic notions are just fine. Look at Kochistan, aka Kansas, for what happens when ideologues get power and actually get to do what they say. Sure, it’s a mess and a failure, but does reality stop them? Did reality stop Dubya from invading Iraq? Did massive deficits stop Reagan?

The liberals just can’t believe that a President isn’t, at least some of the time, president of all the people (of course Trump said that in his entirely reasonable and conciliatory speech) BUT, it’s total bullshit. Dubya ran the country for the benefit of the R’s only and actually not even the 48% that supported him, just the 1% of rich and special interests. Why do you think this Repug Congress will be any different than the mess under Dubya that ran up massive graft and deficits and crashed the economy in 2008 with their toxic securities?

They don’t care if people die, especially when they make money off it. They sacrificed plenty of people in Iraq based on their impulsive and in-the-bubble views. They’ll do it again. After all, all those people on ObamaCare are blacks and browns, and screw them – they’re demonstrating in the streets – send in the Gestapo, throw ’em in jail, kill ’em. Do you think a dictator who can personally kill his enemies, like Saddam or Putin or Kim Jong-Un, cares about some dead bodies that get in their way.

So get out of your it-won’t-be-that-bad sunny dispositions, you deluded liberals. You may not be able to kill people, these guys can.

As they debate their terrible ideas for replace and realize it ain’t gonna work, they’ll just do repeal and who cares what happens to all those people, they’re urban Dems, not us good hard-working real ‘mericuns in rural redneck country.  Screw ’em, send the spoils of victory to us.

Trump proved you can break all the political convention and still win. Any other candidate would have been sunk a dozen times over with the slime that came out of his mouth. But he won. He’s bulletproof because “values voters” don’t care about values, certainly not morality, only power, which now they’ve got and taking it back from them is going to be really tough, at least until they overturn Roe and then realize their pockets have been picked too. The Repubs will govern appealing only to a fraction of their own base and none of the Dem base. This is not even government for 49% of us. Get over it, rigged media, you’re dreaming if you think they’ll think about anybody except ‘me’.

But the only hope is crooked Congress. Already the insurance companies are waking up to Hillary losing and realizing the huge handout they got via ObamaCare is in jeopardy. The Aetna CEO sounds more liberal than Hillary in what he claims needs to happen (to, of course, keep his bonus up). And soon hospitals will remember floods of people in their ERs with no insurance. And doctors and other providers will realize their jobs, or at least their next Mercedes or McMansion may be in jeopardy. The one thing I trust is greed. A hoard of 20,000 lobbyists from the health care sector is now awakened and ready to start lining the palms of Congress, especially the Repugs with their graft to retain their handouts. And that the Repugs (some who aren’t purist doctrine) will listen to. Everyone is on the take and looking how to line their pockets, not support doctrine and their “leader”. Trust the healthcare industry to start buying votes. Doctrine and orthodoxy will easily lose out to graft and corruption.

So what will happen. Simple. replace is too difficult so it will be just repeal. Then the window dressing of replace will be every vested interest in this country getting their favorite way to line their pockets into some grabbag of corruptions. Utterly useless, but lucrative to some special interest, hodgepodge of “ideas” will be the replace. ObamaCare and especially the expanded Medicaid were just ways, via sick poor people, to put more taxpayer money in the hands of the rich. I do trust they’ll find ways to do the replace that helps them and so a few citizens will get some semblance of health care so the medical industry gets its bonuses. Look at Dubya’s Part D – was that anything exact a handout to big pharma and that was a Repug plan, not liberal Dems! It will be the model of replace and it will make a few CEOs and a bunch of lobbyists and the crooked Congress a bunch of money. That prediction we can trust – greed will prevail.


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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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