First Monday in Trumpistan

It’s now almost seven days since America was murdered. It wasn’t a clean head shot, execution style, instead a gut shot where we’ll slowly bleeding out. My question is will the inevitable end come any sooner than that. There hasn’t been much news in last couple of days (the rigged press has exhausted its low level staffers who don’t know anything except rumors) but the rigged press is doing its usual thing, looking at who is sitting in which chairs. Bannon, an abysmal excuse for a human being (has anyone checked his birth certificate, is he even human, is he the mole from the KGB), is all the buzz. Big surprise, a KKK supporting white nationalist is Trump’s buddy. Big surprise Trump lied quickly than most of his lies that he intends to be the president of all of us (you see, he had his fingers crossed and of course ‘us’ meant those real ‘mericuns Sarah Palin found, i.e. people who hate the Supreme Court and can’t name a single, at least living, justice). Yep, the inside-the-beltway, who’s up, who’s down appeals to the simplistic view the rigged (and the ‘real’) press has taken in this race.

So, OK, we’ve been murdered. How long have we got to live? For some people Bannon is the answer, their life is going to suck real soon. But America is a big place and at least 75% of us are not under immediate threat. I’m not too concerned about a blog post no one will read, at least for a bit longer, since I will be fairly far down on the hit list. But come on liberal media and pundits – you really want to quote CAIR these days. I don’t even like them and voted for Hillary and don’t want to round up Muslims and put them in camps. CAIR is actually not a very nice bunch and if you wanted to wave a red cape in front of an angry bull, boy, that was smart. You think the 24% that runs this country (remember half of us didn’t bother to get our butts to the polls), who cheered mightily when political correctness was denounced (and along with it every sense of fairness that could ever exist). You might as well resurrect Osama from the dead and bring him here to denounce Trump and Gannon.

But that’s a tempest in a teapot. It’s another cut to an already bleeding gut shot body.

So there are two ways (probably more) where Trump will finish us off – climate change and John Bolton (aka, start a nuclear war). No doubt Trump will cancel Paris accords simply because it’s easy and send a message to his idiot coal miners help is on the way (yeah, coal miners, show me any job a piece of paper, not yet implemented, has deleted; or, exactly which job is coming back). Unfortunately climate change is a slow motion disaster. It will kill us and by the time the denialists are forced to admit it it will be too late. I’m sorry for all my friends who have grandchildren – sorry your kids are going to die. But since my life is over sooner than I’ll suffocate and have no water to drink (or too much and drown) that’s not my biggest fear. It’s horrible we want to destroy our species (plus a lot of others), but take the long view (and now that stupid idea Gary Johnson had of eventual expansion of the sun to destroy Earth), no the long view in this century where climate change creates a big enough mess we’ll finish the job and blow ourselves up as we search for a way to survive.

No, it will come quicker than that. Donnie spoke to Putin today and pulled down his pants and let Putin shove his rod up his ass. Yes, Putin explained things aren’t nice with the U.S. He invades countries and we foolishly protest and even seek sanctions. Our pesky anti-terrorism spying that is looking for hot money flowing to terrorist has uncovered too many of Putin’s no-so-secret billions. We’re still not crazy about Putin propping up his other buttmate, Assad. Yep, Donnie, gave ole Vlad just what he wanted.

But Bolton, surely you jest. We’re dead in days with that asshole. He could pick a fight and get Canada to go to war with us. He never met a problem he couldn’t solve with more bombs. He’d bomb people just because it’s Monday. I’m sure Trump loves him, all that bombast and the guy is even manages to make Trump look smart. Sure, lots of people absolutely hate the guy, but for Trump who loves stabbing the sharp stick in the eye he’ll be perfect. Trump with the nuclear trigger is scary enough but with Bolton bringing him the gun, watch out.

I miss that Omaha is no longer that important a target. I was driving (actually riding, my dad was driving) back to Omaha during Cuban missile crisis. As we tried to figure out what was going on my dad expressed the idea that it was good we were living Montana where most of the missiles were based. Oh good, dad – the button is in Omaha, we’re driving to the #1 target in the world.

Those days are gone, the strategic defense shifted elsewhere. Too bad. But maybe the Russians haven’t updated their target list and maybe they’ll miss SAC by a few miles and I’ll be blown to dust sooner than my brain can even register the flash. Not the worst way to do, the nuclear winter and cannibalism of the survivors would be a lot worse.

What Trump doesn’t understand is this stuff is for real. It’s not a made-up reality show where nobody really gets heard. It’s not wrestling, here the blows are for real. Bolton may be wonderful theater for Trump and he’ll enjoy tweaking every one else (as he did with Bannon), but this stuff gets the U.S. dead.

So will be die of a quick military blow, certainly possible? Will we melt? Yes, but not in Trump’s term (as least Donnie until he replaces himself with Ivanka having eliminated elections). No we’re still just bleeding from the gut shot and drop by drop (i.e. person by person) Donnie’s insane policies will kill us – first to eliminate most medical care, including for seniors you idiot old farts who voted for him (not me, I knew he’ll kill me, I don’t go to casinos and am too old to work any more), second to devastate the economy where we’ll be searching in the dumpsters of the 0.1% hoping to find thrown-out food.

So I guess, Donnie, sure bring in Bolton. I’d rather fry quickly than starve in pain of untreated medical conditions.


About dmill96

old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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