Heading out of town …

… not that anyone will miss me. I have to drive through Kochistan (aka Kansas) tomorrow. Hopefully they don’t have up roadblocks for stop-and-frisk, but I’ll be carrying my password – yep, a U.S. citizen with all four grandparents born in this country – is that enough in today’s world. I hope to get through Kochistan as quickly as possible and then off to deep red Oklahoma. But there I’m a landowner, even with oil and gas, and I’ve got my Stetson (actually belonged to my dad) and I have a lawyer there. Hopefully it will be safe for me.

I figure Donnie isn’t looking to lock me up quite yet so maybe it will be a safe trip. Hard to believe that crossing state borders in this country is so dangerous now. I do, in fact, have a gun but I won’t be taking it so I’m at risk for all the 24% who want to kill liberals and pointy-headed intellectuals with college degrees. And I might be able to fake redneck, fortunately since my skin color is not an immediate giveaway.

I recently visited my sister in Ohio, before Trump was even the nominee. I do this thing called geodashing which means I get really far out in Trumpistan. Maybe the Interstates are still safe for us traitors, but get on the local roads in nowhere Ohio and Michigan and it got scary. I felt a truly palpable sense of fear, seeing the hateful signs, knowing despite my disguise the locals, nominally my fellow citizens, would at minimum be hostile and at worst try to kill me. I felt it, I really did – fear to be in certain parts of my country. I can’t imagine the fear those who don’t have my advantages feel. Of course they’re probably smart and avoid Trumpistan. The military, in Afghanistan, felt that way. Every corner of the road had unknown dangers where the locals would kill you if you let your guard down. Now the interior of the U.S., off the big highways, has become equally dangerous.

Once in deeply red Oklahoma I’ll be OK. I have some locals who will vouch for me. I do own property there. I do have oil and know how to talk about it. But, OTOH, I have a Japanese car and that will give me away. I have all my teeth. I can make complete sentences with words past 5th grade. I can hide I lived in Massachusetts (east coast Commie country) and even worse California (west coast global country). I can pretend to be a redneck. I should have bought a Trump hat and bumper sticker so I could switch to those when I enter Indian Country (funny, a military expression, but I will be in actual Native American country, the last place we broke our promise to them).

I’ve got lots of cash, that always works. But I’ll be on alert every mile, knowing I’m behind enemy lines. Fortunately my car tags are another Trump state so maybe I won’t be as much risk as if I were driving my Prius, especially if it had California plates. I was geodashing in Wyoming once with a friend from California. He was very nervous (way back then, before Trump dictatorship) about driving the local roads. I made the joke – “oh, don’t worry, with Nebraska plates, they’ll only fire a warning shot; it’s not like you with your California plates where they will shoot to kill.” Yep, a joke, but unfortunately also with an element of truth.

Horrible to think how dangerous my country is for me and I’m really sad for those who have it even worse, a darker skin, a noticeable religious symbol, being female. But I have to worry about my own survival now.


About dmill96

old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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