The first week after the death of America

It’s been a whole week and already things are returning to “normal”. TV talking heads and other reporters have been sucked into the soap opera of who’s in and who’s out in Trumpland; they sound like a bunch of ESPN reporters discussing a football game. And this is just a game. And guess what – it’s the elites. The swamp has already overwhelmed Trump and up at the top in DC it’s business as usual. Politics may be a blood sport but part of the time it’s just a game. The slight problem is the game has consequences.

So actually there isn’t much to say except comment on a the bits of news trickling out. Wow, a racist and misogynist and xenophobe is officially part of Trumpland, alongside a politic apparatchik, guaranteed fighting in the White House. Oh goodie, a couple of egos fighting to control the world’s biggest ego – what nonsense will come out of that. And all the outrage by the left and also the people who will get screwed by this. Of course people should protest, but folks, the real thing you need to do is figure out how to hunker down and save yourself. Trump doesn’t really listen to anything but his inner millisecond attention span and so he doesn’t hear you. The only difference between here and North Korea is at least (most of) you won’t get shot for protesting, but your protests are falling totally on deaf ears. In fact, some of Trumpistan is laughing in glee at your distress – “boy did we get those suckers (using a more polite term than they’re actually saying.”

Meanwhile we have the “optimistic” news coming from how Obama rolled Trump, for a few seconds. Trevor Noah got that right, Trump is so ignorant he was like a little boy at a zoo, “what’s dat? what’s dat?”. Hey, our man Obama is pretty clever too. In the fictional president movie, it was quoted “the oval office is the biggest home field advantage in the world.” So Obama who knows some moves, has dealt with tons of people almost as crazy and stupid as Trump, manages, briefly, to convince being president is serious business. Trump is awed by this just long enough to make some statements on a softball talk show. Then, of course, he goes right back to being Trump. That honeymoon didn’t even last a day. And the rigged press is silly about an interpretation of Trump not understanding all the people in the White House work for him. Come on, this is a like a corporate takeover. Trump didn’t meet with high level policy people – he saw butlers and stewards and waiters, like in any hotel. If Trump bought a hotel he wouldn’t be thinking about replacing all those little people that he merely notes as a bit too much staff to keep up profits in the place. Of course Trump knew he gets to do his favorite “you’re fired” (except that most will have already quit) for the policy people but he might have underestimated that at his Apprentice pace it’s going to be a bit of challenge to hire all new people. Come on, this is supposed to mean anything. He can still blow up the world just by one appointment of Bolton.

And then there is the rigged media parsing and re-parsing and discussing endlessly every bit of drivel out of this man’s mouth, as if any of it really matters. A great joke is that Trump has trouble making a complete sentence and when he sometimes does the end of the sentence contradicts the beginning. Do you seriously think this man is capable of coherent though? Do you actually think he has any ideas, or that his ideas are any more complex than a tweet? And it’s scary. Trump doesn’t really believe anything, except his own omnipotence. So he’ll do whatever some staffer who kisses his ass better than some other staffer tells him to do. It might actually be better if Trump did have some policies, even awful ones, because at least it might be possible to anticipate what he’ll do and the shitstorm that will drop on you as a consequence. Another commentator said Trump is like the 8-ball toy, each time you shake it you get a different answer. Yep.

But guess what there is some consistency. We all see his temperament driven by narcissism and the need to punch anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass (then once humiliated and subjugated they are welcome to come work for him). Of course he likes the Clintons but that won’t stop him from putting them in jail when some Congressional committee that gets iced out of the fun stuff of stealing from America has nothing to do except start another headline-grabbing witchhunt. The consistency in Trump is that he is irrational and acts entirely on instinct, a crude animal instinct where the frontal lobes of his brain (are there any, actually) play no role. In all the wringing of hands of why Dems didn’t pander (enough) to rednecks (and also trying to figure out how Trump did it so they can run the con next time) one point of view was that Dems (in general) and Hillary (in specific) attempt to connect to the head (of voters) and Trump connects to the gut. IOW, Trump’s base animal instincts allow him to find the base animal instincts of those ignorant and uneducated workers. He doesn’t care about their economic situation – he was just selling a product (himself, not policies) and his salesman instincts showed him how to win them over. The Dems are overthinking it, still being policy wonks. I saw Bernie believing working class realized they were screwed over by the 1% and Dems needed to do something about that. Sure, I think they heard Bernie, that’s why they voted for the 1% guy who is now bringing all the over 1% into his staff. Come on, Bernie, you may be an economic warrior but Trump is just a con artist, aka salesman. He didn’t identify anything in his voters that has anything to do with policy. Those upstate rednecks wouldn’t even know how to find Wall Street on a map, much less how any idea what goes on in those buildings. Dems still don’t get it.

And I’ll close with Facebook. Since Hillary, at least her staff, can’t possibly imagine they lost (they did, another bad campaign unsuccessfully playing the inevitability card) they’re looking for villains. Yeah, what Comfy did sucked and it didn’t lose the election. What did lose it is tied to the handwringing (and defensive denials that are absurd) Facebook is doing. Facebook publishes fake news right next to rigged press real news (i.e. truth). And 44% of stupid America gets its “news” from Facebook. And sensationalist, totally false, rightwing crap from Macedonia gets clicks. Yep, news and social media – you’re whores. Whatever gets clicks or ad views. TV gave Trump billions of free exposure, but they probably have record profits from the advertisers who paid for all those eyeballs. And utterly ruthless Zuckenberg, who cheated every partner he ever had, you think, just because he donates some money, his primary interest isn’t in being the biggest recipient of ad money on the planet? So it’s fake news – does it sell? So finally the media realizes they elected Trump who vows to screw them. Guess what, he’s not really going to screw you as long as you put ad revenues above truth, treating lies as falsely equivalent to truth. First of all, Facebook isn’t as smart as they like to think they are and their filtering software is actually fairly crude. Second they really don’t believe they have any responsibility at all to anyone except making as much money as they can. And, third, now that they helped elect Trump they’re in denial and will just maximize their ass covering. And, then, go right on doing whatever it takes to get more ad views.

So really, folks, it’s on us. We have a vast section of the population, not just rural rednecks but all those phone plugged into their brain like The Matrix millenials who absolutely cannot think and cannot tell truth from lies (and actually don’t even care). The notion that 44% of America thinks Facebook is a source of news is so absurd then fake news is obviously fully equivalent to real news, as in it’s all fiction and entertainment to that 44%. So it’s us who are stupid. And I’m not just claiming that for the rednecks – Dems live in a bubble too. They think people are mostly decent and want to do the right thing. When will they stop bringing a knife to a gunfight? When will they learn the 1% are the 1% because they’re ruthless, have a killer instinct, and have no shred of decency or ethics. The liberals, being generally positive and upbeat about people, simply have no clue how rotten our species is. Especially the winners at the game. You think life is nice? It’s bloody in tooth and nail, kill or be killed, take or be run over? Certainly the 1% now that, most of those rednecks know that, just a few people who read a lot of books believe in human decency. Sorry, Dems, this ain’t mushy movies or literature – it’s a bunch of killers. And a whole lot of people who are really stupid, something you also can’t understand because you can’t shave off 30 IQ points and years of education and have any clue how they think (or, really, don’t – just animal instinctual reacting).

So as we finish this week in Trumpistan is it better or worse than expected? Well I believe it’s far worse. Trump will actually do all the awful things we accused him of (and lots that never got mentioned and will catch us by surprise). And he’ll do that without thinking, impulsively, and then inconsistently. He will not distance himself from his business and like his buddy Putin use everything he learns in the White House to pass onto his kids so they can turn insider information into a real fortune. Yes, he will be the most crooked president ever. Teapot Dome will be a teapot in comparison to the theft the Trump family will perform. Because they are the 1%, they have the killer instinct, they have the greed, and they have absolutely no values except believing in winning, no matter what the cost. So all the inside-the-beltway analysis is about as meaningful as movie critics watching the Kardashians and trying to write erudite analysis about dross.

But life goes on. Most of us will get screwed but at least we can be entertained watching who ends up being the winners. Lifestyles of the rich and crooked.


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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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