Made it to Oklahoma

I’m just south of Oklahoma City in Norman. Uneventful drive (i.e. not shot) through Kansas to get here but I was still a little nervous, esp. when I got off main roads to do a little geodashing in nowhere (definitely Trumpistan). Saw several Koch trucks, didn’t know among their other businesses where they own Kansas they also do trucking.

So with all that driving little time to check the news and see what’s new in Trumpistan. Same-old, same-old – I guess. The kids will manage the family business instead of a blind trust; several are on transition team and will select people that can benefit the family business. Meanwhile transition team is doing Stalinist purge, of course denied by Donnie as he takes to Twitter to directly convey his lies. Are they really going to get rid of lobbyists or just a different set than the Christie crowd being purged? I hear Donnie went out for his $36 burger (mine, tonight, was a mere $7.89, the meal) after lying to press coverage – I guess he needs to hang out at hotspots with his adoring fans without the rigged media to cover it, Now it’s Nikki Haley instead of insane bomb-anyone Bolton or demented Rudi – maybe Trump does listen when he has ridiculous impulsive urges. But I bet he’ll drift back to his gut and Nikki was just to throw us off. And Vlad is happy Donnie has given him green light for territorial conquest but McCain/Graham co-joined twins will throw a tantrum (to no effect).

So we survived another day but it’s beginning to sink in that Ryan has Medicare in his crosshairs, under the guise of “modernization” (aka, eliminate). Since this one affects me it’s awful but just think of all those seniors who voted for him (and it will be “awesome”) when they try to buy insurance with their $2500 voucher. One by one the fools will gradually realize the huge con this is. But meanwhile the rich are cheering as well they might since they’ll, for sure, get their huge tax cuts. The only claim Repugs make you can believe is tax cuts for the rich and they’ll do it again. And, btw, now that Repugs are in, guess what, deficits only matter for Dems, not Repugs. So get ready for huge interest rates. Another day in Trumpistan and he hasn’t even been sworn in. Heard UK had to wait a day for a phone call when nobodies (probably have oil or casino land for sale) got through – yep, definitely an organized transition team.

It will be fun in coming months to see how much Donnie screws all those who voted for him. Seniors are stupid enough to vote for him since they don’t realize the biggest chunk of U.S. budget goes to them (me, but I’ve got an oil well here in Oklahoma, I might survive the cuts) and the rich want it

p.s. It was surprising to see wind turbines in Kansas, in south just near Oklahoma. Wind turbines are great income for farmers, way more than their crops. So since farmers in Oklahoma are used to more income from energy than farming they embrace it all. The Kochs, OTOH, who run Kansas through their stooge Brownback, hate wind – a socialist plot to deny carbon fuel owners their just ransom. I guess the Kansas farmers saw how much many Oklahoma farmers make from wind and managed to get a little for themselves (or maybe those wind turbines predate Kochistan). Out in western Kansas where Denver area is consuming power a la California is where the turbines should be, but I believe the Kochs have successful stopped those. After all sea level rise probably won’t reach Kansas and the glaciers were long gone anyway. OTOH, Oklahoma blew away high temperature records today – nah, nothing to do with climate change. Besides November temps in the 80s are so pleasant – climate change is good (until the crops dry up in droughts).




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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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