Crybaby Donnie really is a two-year-old …

… and it’s very scary. Hey, Donnie, you won. The Electoral College will confirm it. You will be inaugurated. I wish it weren’t true but it is and we all, even you, need to deal with it.

But Donnie can’t leave it alone. As a consequence of the Jill Stein recount Dear Leader unleashed yet another unhinged tweet storm. What’s the matter, Donnie, do you think Jill is going to miraculously win the election? Are you afraid somehow the system is rigged (it is, it’s called the Electoral College) and will deny you the presidency? What scares you so much that you have to publicize one of your biggest whoppers yet?

Donnie claims, without any evidence, that millions of people voted illegally. Who? Where? How? If you had a shred of proof except ravings of conspiracy theorists why don’t you demand a recount! That could be awful, if it weren’t just another lie, and something should be done about it.

But this absurd claim (aka lie) is just to attempt to debunk the growing majority that Hillary got. So what, Donnie. Popular vote doesn’t elect presidents. Are you embarrassed that you didn’t get the majority, that the people don’t love you? A narcissist like The Donald needs to have adoration. A real president needs the legal process and gets inaugurated. Who cares what the popular vote is if you won? But with such a thin skin and monster ego Donnie does.

Now many others have commented on the insanity of Donnie’s rant, but an interesting question is why he does shit like this. Did Dumbya cry and moan about his 2000 win (and loss of popular vote) or did he just take the oath and move into the White House. Presidents get all sorts of criticism and as experienced politicians they shake it off and get on with the job. What sort of insecurity does this man-child have that it makes any difference at all? And the answer is, he is totally insecure. He knows he’s a fraud and he’s afraid someday we might figure that out. He knows he’ll be the worst president ever (his inept “transition” is already demonstrating and his selection of horrible people (what happened to “best people”?)). So he actually knows this. He knows this is all a con. He just doesn’t want us to figure that out. Sure the rigged media and illegal voters and lefties know he’s an incompetent fraud, but his dumbed-down uneducated haven’t figured it out yet.

So it’s not purely his fragile ego and infantile behavior. It’s a test. Here is a fact – Hillary won the popular vote. He thinks he can con the rigged media (who is still more worried about access and ad revenues than truth) and so this is just practice for bigger lies to come. Once he abolishes climate change research then he can claim polar ice is really increased, if you don’t count the science-y view of all the ice that melted. Jobs are coming back if you don’t count all the jobs lost to robots, which will continue. We’re safer if you don’t count all the attacks by supremacists on the innocent. We’re winning in Afghanistan once Donnie replaced his strategy over those know-nothing generals if you don’t count the Taliban just took Kabul.

IOW, up is down and white is black because Dear Leader says so and thus he is accountable only to himself and never reality. He lives in a bubble of alternate reality where he is loved and praised and admired and successful. America will be great again, in his head, and the truth on the ground is just rigged.

Now I’ve reached the point of view that Donnie is already tired of being president. It’s too much work, too many people to see, too many decisions (even when made impulsive without facts or analysis), and it’s too much scrutiny (even with the cowed rigged media). Donnie just wants to open more golf courses and hotels and casinos. The presidency is just part of his deal-making bag-of-tricks. Ivanka will tag along in every meeting collecting the bribes and expanding the empire. Count on, at some point, people who come to White House not just staying in Donnie’s (now illegal to own) hotel but wearing branded Trump merchandise. Donnie likes making money, the easy way (purely on promotion and no substance, like real entrepreneurs) and it’s an easy part-time job so he can spend the rest of his time getting back in dressing rooms with naked woman and grabbing you-know-what. The real work of being president is way too much trouble since Donnie only wanted the ego-boost of winning it. Which, of course, is why he has to deny the popular vote, a bit of stain on his win. Getting inaugurated is not enough, he must be adored as well.

Most of us grew out of this by about age two and Donnie is stuck in it.


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old fat (but now getting trim and fit) guy, who used to create software in Silicon Valley (almost before it was called that), who used to go backpacking and bicycling and cross-country skiing and now geodashes, drives AWD in Wyoming, takes pictures, and writes long blog posts and does xizquvjyk.
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