More food in China

Since I did some of the cliche food pictures in previous post I’ll continue with a few more from that same trip.

One of the surprising things, to me, was the attention paid for presentation in the nicer restaurants in China. Sometimes it’s just something simple, like the photo above, but these items just add a very nice touch to a pleasant meal.

And another surprising thing was the glorious breakfast shown below.

This is the breakfast on the mezzanine, up a grand staircase from the beautiful lobby of the Grand Hyatt in Beijing.  This was hardly just a breakfast but instead a grand brunch buffet. There are massive self-service tables behind me (as I’m taking the picture) which would feed an army but then the two chefs are supplying the freshly prepared hot food. I had the best fried eggs I’ve ever had in any restaurant, expertly prepared. Once back home I read up on optimal cooking technique and tried to imitate what the chef had some easily and casually done. Having the eggs at room temperature certainly helped but I still couldn’t duplicate the perfectly cooked white part.

Of course he’ll prepare any kind of egg dish you want. Many of those bowls you see are for the added ingredients so you can select exactly what you want and as much as you want. For guests that don’t want an American style breakfast the bowls on the right contained many different types of fresh noodles (in cute little bundles) which would be cooked in broth with other added ingredients. Many of the ingredients I couldn’t even identify. The eating area itself was very pleasant and service was crisp and attentive with excellent coffee and juices.

Now this hotel is one of the more luxury hotels in Beijing that caters primarily to the international visitors. Despite the luxury, the hotel itself and the food, the prices were remarkably low for this level of luxury (not low by many standards, but just relative to the level of luxury). I ate breakfast here multiple times and never even managed to sample all they had to offer. I was very lucky this was a business trip and all this got piled on expense account as it would be a bit pricey for a visit.

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