Bread Posts

Since this blog covers an assortment of topics I’ll make a cumulative list of my posts about my bread making adventures here. Of course you can also find these articles by clicking on ‘sourdough‘ in the tag cloud on the right of any post you read.

  1. Scientific experiments with bread: steam
  2. Jim Lahey’s Stecca
  3. Sourdough Irish soda bread
  4. Back to Bread: This is a little better
  5. Back to Bread: Not bad for first try
  6. Back to Bread
  7. Bread: Can I beat Jim Lahey?
  8. New sourdough loaf – hybrid
  9. Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain transitional loaf – 1
  10. Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain transitional loaf
  11. Peter Reinhart’s Transitional Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf
  12. Hybrid loaf – America’s Test Kitchen version of Jim Lahey & Peter Reinhart whole wheat sourdough
  13. Peter Reinhart’s ciabatta
  14. Bread: Can America’s Test Kitchens beat Jim Lahey?
  15. Warning: Preparing bath to boil pretzels
  16. Trying the competition
  17. Converting my seed culture to Peter Reinhart’s “mother starter”
  18. Big adventure with Peter Reinhart
  19. An experiment fail
  20. Another tasty experiment
  21. New use of sourdough culture
  22. Sourdough loaf and stuffing
  23. Sourdough loaf
  24. Bread – again
  25. A wildly different topic for me – baking bread.

I’d have more posts since I’ve really enjoyed trying new bread making experiments, but, unfortunately I also went on a weight loss kick (now mostly maintenance) about the same time I started baking so I have to refrain from all the experimenting I’d love to do. Jim Lahey and Peter Reinhart are my main sources of inspiration but I’ve also spread out some of my tests including improvising my own recipes without any help.

2 Responses to Bread Posts

  1. leggypeggy says:

    Thanks so much for visiting and liking my travel blog. I’m travelling through Central Asia at the moment, but as a keen sourdough bread maker, I’ll be back here in August to check out your bread-making advice. Cheers

    • dmill96 says:

      Thanks for dropping by and I hope I’ll have some good posts for you. My bread experiments are somewhat limited due to fact I’m on vigorous weight loss campaign at same time as I decided to get interested in baking – bad timing, but sometimes I can’t resist trying something new. Have fun on your trip and I’ll be looking forward to reading about it.

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