Since Curiosity (homepages: JPL, NASA), aka MSL, promises to be a source of news for the next couple of years I’m going to create a page to include links or nuggets of info so I have my own little record for posterity:

  1. a nice overview (good photo of what looks like a washed out gully) of the initial plans for Curiosity once they start rolling it around.
  2. another overview with interesting tidbit that it’s going to take about six weeks to drive to Glenelg and it will be December before Curiosity is much further than that
  3. typical knuckle-dragging POV one would expect from right wingnuts. They can’t even just find Curiosity and Mars and possible life remarkable and exactly, but have to wander off on a defense of U.S. exceptionalism (even though they don’t use this word). Just a blast at scientists.
  4. First full self-portrait, looks pretty dirty.
  5. They’re doing a very conservative plan for rolling the thing. It’s an interesting decision, by delaying going to the most interesting place they risk something breaking while doing the boring stuff; OTOH, by doing boring stuff first they’re guaranteed of getting some science in before the think breaks which might happen if they just charged to the mountain.
  6. First little bit of science, they zapped a rock with the laser, no results published yet,
  7. Some detailed analysis of first images and UFO!, woo-hoo, one is dead pixels in the imager, the other is just a rock,
  8. First drive, and a bit better explanation of it,
  9. first detail pictures of Mt. Sharp, definitely some layers.
  10. WOW! If this doesn’t look like water, would could. (see picture below this list)
  11. Remarkable picture (interactive gigapixel panorama),3.37,24
  12. As of early July 2013 it’s finally on its way to do some exploring. Enough with the water search, we get it. It’s been boring few months watching holes drilled in slow motion, now maybe we’ll get to see something.
  13. A new gigapixel scan where Curiosity has been loafing around for months, fascinating, but actually pretty boring.

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